• Marv Scherz Builders Inc. - Rogers Arkansas | Marv Scherz

    In our custom pre-sold homes, we have used your interior and exterior doors and jambs for 15 years. (not 1 complaint) The spanish cedar exterior door with a polyurethane finish holds up fantastic with direct sunlight or due north exposure. When questions of doors arise, we take client to finished homes and you sense acceptance from both new clients and previous customers. We have built a number of homes with 8' circle top doors with sheetrock returns into relief cut by you in the jambs, works great.

  • Interior Designer Kansas City Missouri | Nancy Ruzicka

    I have always been pleased with all products from Kerr Millwork for both my home and my client's homes.

  • Kansas City Home owner | Steve Lumpkin

    Great personal service, value added suggestions to save money on the job, highest quality products.

  • Kansas City | Home owner

    I had occasion to use Kerr Millwork for some special doors leading to a terrace which had a design created by various patterns of slats. The set of doors were designed to create a very special effect in the living room. I am fairly sure that Kerr Millwork had not encountered any previous requests similar to this particular set of door requirements. They were perfect when completed and installed. This purchase order arose during the building boom when every builder in the country was hounding millwork people for supplies, and screaming at the millwork people when orders were not delivered on time.  I did not encounter that type of problem in dealing with Kerr Millwork. The communications were clear, and the dependability present.

  • Preston & Company | Preston Bacon

    I have been doing business with Kerr Millwork for the past 10 years.  They are my 1st and only choice when using custom doors and wood moulding.  They have been a pleasure to work with.  
    It is good to work with a company who cares about quality as much as we do.  The professionalism 
    in the way we have been treated makes us look forward to many more years of producing and building quality homes for clients, and using Kerr Millwork in them helps set us apart.

  • Wolfgang Trost Architects | Wolfgang Trost

    For after more than 20 years, Kerr Millwork has provided my projects quality and professionalism.  Service along with genuine passion for excellent work sets Kerr Millwork Corporation apart.

  • Former Home Builder, Kansas City | Harry Roth

    The products produced by Kerr Millwork have always been excellent quality. The custom quality of their finished millwork products is the best in the Midwest. We build custom homes that require unique millwork products, and Kerr Millwork has always been able to produce what the customer wanted with a great deal of pride in workmanship. Other great assets of Kerr Millwork are being able to deliver on a scheduled date and excellent follow up to make sure the job is completed according to the customer’s specifications.  The quality produced by Kerr Millwork has helped us sell our homes over the past 20 years.  We work with them to develop custom entries for all of our custom homes.  This makes each entry special for the customer.  Kerr Millwork is an excellent, reliable, and honest company to do business with.  I would recommend them to anyone considering wanting doors and millwork that are done right.